Lamb chops for Australia Day!



A 3:30am start isn’t what I had planned for Sunday morning, but if it meant getting you your lamb chops for Australia Day, I was happy to do it!

The kids, Boss and I spent Saturday weighing up lambs, to find the right ones to send away on the truck. The Abattoirs we supply is abut a nine hour drive form where we live, hence the early start.

But what a magnificent morning it was!


It was misty, cool and after a thirty five degree day on Saturday, the moist, cool air was a welcome relief!

We saw the lambs which weren’t ready, out in the paddock, playing on the dam banks, and the sun rising.




So these fellas, if you buy from Woolies, might be ending up on your BBQ, Australia Day.


They’re loaded and ready for the trip.



It was as the truck pulled out from the driveway, I realised it would have been my Mother-in-law’s 70th birthday.

It was the second of many of the ‘firsts’ we knew we had to have.

I don’t claim to be a poet, by any stretch of the imagination, but I wrote this for her yesterday afternoon:

Hot tears, pierce,
In the dawn light.

Too many things
To think about –
Memories shouldn’t jump out

Selfish thoughts.
What “I” feel,
What “I” wish.

Stop for a moment,
Your desire
Would have been:

To smell the petunias
Hear rustling pines.
The rush of the ocean,
To feel your felines.

Your birthday passed by,
The first one since.
We’re glad for the memories,
But not the emptiness.


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  1. Loved this blog entry Fleur. Thanks so much for the timely reminder to us townies. Our family loves lamb, but I’ve bought some special Australia Day lamb racks & I’m going to get my kids (11 & 15 yrs) to read this blog entry! Thanks for your all your blog entries ….. Love reading them!

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