A rude awakening

Yesterday was busy to say the least. But then again, it seems that’s the norm in my world and has been for many years!

We’ve got over one thousand prime lambs ready to leave this morning and tomorrow. We’re also (still) shearing and the hay is nearly ready to be cut – time for me to start taking hay fever tablets and wonder how we will get through this next period of time.

This morning, when the boss left at 5am to load the truck, I though lay in bed, thinking how wonderful it was not to have to get up before 5:30am, for a change. As I lay there, I thought about my edits for Purple Roads and made a few decisions about a change in the plot.

Then the phone rang. It couldn’t be good news. I imagined the lambs had escaped the confines of the yards and were now scattered in every direction around the farm – any farmer will know that escapees, when you have a truck arriving in ten minutes time, is not good.

I didn’t bother to say hello, just: ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Where are the keys to the front gate?’

‘Ah, they would be in my ute.’

‘Best you get them out here.’


I threw on some clothes, pulled my boots on and ran out the door. I stopped as I saw the view – a beautiful foggy morning, with the sun just rising. I should grab my camera, I thought briefly, before hitting the key and racing off down the road in  my ute.

Of course, today was the day when I could have taken oodles of photos. The sun’s rays had the trees glistening in just the ‘right’ way, the fog fuzzily framed the stock and everything was just perfect.

I knew it wasn’t going to be as good by the time I got home, but here is a tiny piece of my morning.



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  1. Hi Fleur,

    That is a beautiful photo and it must have been a beautiful morning!!
    Hope you had a good day.


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