A blog about… well, harvest!

Can you imagine sitting in a huge, rumbling header, day after day, picking up these rows? Well that’s what the boss does when harvest starts!

These are our oats (not wild ones, I promise!) The boss has spent the last day and half swathing them, which means he cuts them from a standing crop, into these rows. He’ll be back in a week or so to harvest them.

The grain is safe in these rows – the heads can’t blow off the stem, if we get hot, strong winds, it helps keep the moisture low in the grain.

I’m actually not a fan of harvest – well I am if I’m in an air-conditioned tractor and never have to get out! I don’t like the grain dust – it does funny things to my breathing – and it makes me itchy – especially oats and wheat. But I love seeing the header gobble up these rows, like it’s eating candy and I love seeing the golden grains in the bin.

Roll on the end of harvest (so what if we have only just started?!) which I guess means Christmas and the New Year!

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