A busy month ahead

I can’t believe we’ve hit March already – I’m not sure where the year has disappeared to!

Our weather has been slightly murky for the last few weeks, with a real autumn feel about it. I sometimes can’t believe that Perth can be around the 40 degree mark and we haven’t hit 25 degrees! It is a joy to live on the south-east coast, during summer – especially for someone who isn’t that keen on the heat!

Anyway, with March comes the start of our working year. Yesterday we shifted sheep between farms and up and down roads, in readiness for a day of preg-testing on Thursday. Our Vet, Dave Swan, will be coming out with his ultra-sound unit and scanning for lambs. The ewes are due to start lambing in about a month and we always look forward to the gorgeous little creatures, running around.

In the next two or three weeks, we will start to see some calves on the ground and hopefully there will have been rain by then, so the green grass should be poking its head through. This, of course, is in a perfect world!

And March also brings stretch of birthdays, in our family. My daughter turned eleven yesterday and my son will turn ten towards the end of the month. In between that, my mum, my sister and a friend all turn another year older.

It’s a busy month!

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