A Family Day Out!


We’ve been fencing.

Late last year we had a machinery shed put up near our house, but it’s also in a paddock.

Not good if you have cattle in the paddock because they love to rub and tend of bend things like sheds and machinery if they rub on them!

The cattle in the sorghum need to be shifted to the stubble, which just happens to be where the shed is, so it’s imperative that we get the fence up this week. (The cattle will be going back into the sorghum when it re-grows a bit.)

We hired a Kanga digger to dig the big strainer posts in and then used our very old thumper to thump in the pine posts.

Anthony worked the thumper, I drove the tractor to line up the thumper and kids over-saw everything. Hayden offering lots of good advice with Rochelle trying to help everywhere she could. Of course Rocket couldn’t be left out — he must have been the Supervisor …

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