A foggy wonder



Inside this heavy fog, there should be a large granite hill. It seems to have gone missing this morning!


Waking to a mist so heavy, you can’t see the front fence is always beautiful. As I settled in front of my computer for the first time today, I peered from the desk into the haziness and realised that the cattle, even though I couldn’t see them, must be just inside the fence line, right up here at the house. You know how I knew? I could hear them munching on the grass. It’s an amazing feeling, knowing they are ‘just there’ and not being able to see a sign of them.

IMG_0635As I grab my camera and headed across the lawn, wet grass sticks to my feet and brushing past the lavender bushes out the front, my jeans are suddenly soaked with dew. I can smell the native bush, bursting with its unique fragrance  and the bird calls bounce off the unseen hill.

Photos taken, I settle back in front of the computer and stare out the window, lost in the fog. Later today there is supposed to be out first proper cold front for the year. Eighteen degrees is forecast and by 2pm, the wind is supposed to hit 40km/hour with a 100% chance of 15 – 25mm.

And that, my friends, is the most perfect writing day you could hope for!


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