A long road ahead!

There is something quite daunting about staring at a blank computer screen and having a story running around in my mind! Knowing that I have to fill the document with 150,000 words, but the story hasn’t quite come together yet, is even more scary!

That’s how I’m feeling at the moment. Purple Roads is a book I want to write! I’ve been wanting to write it since half way through Blue Skies. I have so many exciting and fantastic ideas, but I’ve got to the stage where I’m not sure I can use them all.

I’ve since learnt that planning needs to be a part of my writing. Yes, I’m a ‘bull at a gate’ type girl, I don’t like planning. I want to sit at the computer and have it all flow out. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s quite frustrating to have an idea, but know that it’s not going to fit where you want it or to have my friend, Cal, come back to me and say ‘That doesn’t work, because you’ve done this, this and this, further back!’

I have started to plan a little – just consolidate a lot of the ideas I have. Which, although tedious for me (all I want to do is write!),  I know will stand me on stronger ground later on. You see, I actually find the first 4,000 to 7,000 words so easy to write – I know how I want to set out the characters, introduce them and make you love them. Then I hit a brick wall at the end of the first five or six chapters!

So, only 7,000 words in to the 150,000 and guess what? I’m starting to plan, so I don’t get the horrible, scary feeling that my story is spiralling out of control and I don’t know where it’s going.

Purple Roads is still a long road to travel!

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  1. I find it amazing to see the different techniques writers use to write their books. I am probably a little different to you as I can’t start a book not having a plan of sorts. I need to know the major things that will happen and when they will happen in the timeline of the novel. I am struggling a little at the moment with some ideas that don’t quite fit together. The long road is full of pot holes and sharp turns. Hope all goes well for Purple Roads!

  2. I love your honesty, Fleur. And it’s funny because I’m attempting my first ever fiction manuscript and feel the same way – I’ve written 12,000 words and hit a dead end. I too dislike planning my writing, but am realising it might just be necessary.

    I’ll take your advice and start working on a plan rather than staring at a blank screen…

    Thanks, and good luck with Purple Roads!

  3. A fabulous long, winding journey, Fleur! I’m a definite ‘write by the seat of my pants’ kind of writer. Plotting just doesn’t work for me and I wish it did – it would make it a much shorter process….

    Look forward to reading Purple Roads!

  4. Dont worry Fleur. I do that all the time with assignments. Sit there with ideas flying around in your head then you get there and nothing. You’ll get there. Cant wait for Purple Roads =) x

  5. I’m definitely a planner… I have pages of notes for my WIP and a deatiled plan for each of the 42 (short) chapters. I’m also somewhat obsessibe compulsive. I often beat myself up for not being more muse-driven as a writer- it feels like that’s how it should work, not all this background work- but this is how it comes together for me.

  6. We’ll be patient, Fleur, don’t you worry.
    Let your story mature, like good wine…

    When you have turned the last page of a story, you can tell it’s a good book when you have the impression you have lost a good friend. Does that make sense?
    I’m sure I’ll have that with your next book, as I did with your previous stories.

    Allons, courage!

  7. I just KNOW it will be a fantastic read, just like the other two, Fleur! And I will be doing my very best to find you the perfect cover shot for ‘Purple Roads’! Am SO looking forward to spending time at Glenroy Estate, meeting your folks and getting loads of fabulous images. It will be such an honour for me to have yet another of my photos gracing the cover of another of your wonderful novels! Big hugs from the east all the way to you in Esperance. xx

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