A look inside my office


I often get asked what my office looks like – or where I work, which is pretty much the same question!

The first thing I did when I got my new office is print off quotes that inspire me – that make me continue to want achieve and try and get better. Ones that inspire me. The ones in the top photo are pinned up just over my computer screen so I when I’m feeling like the words aren’t coming I remind myself what I’m doing it for and why I’m here.

My office is in my house and on my verandah. I like being outside mostly and if the day is nice, then that’s where you’ll find me with the dogs. If it’s a bit windy or wet, I’ll be inside with a dog or three at my feet and the heater on!

So here’s a video of my two much loved writing places

And this is the outside office!

And finally a couple more quotes!



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