A Mother’s Day giveaway!

Heading to town

Heading to town

“It’s a marvelous night for a moon dance”… Ah, I mean a marvellous morning for an early morning trip to town!

You’ll know, if you’ve been following any of my social media of action, lately, that we’ve been seeding. One of my pet hates about growing Canola is The Boss spends so much time on the boom spray, spraying any little pesky weeds which are still green, insects which eat the freshly ‘popped-through-the-soil’ seedlings and so on and so forth. There’s always a reason to be swimming in chemicals or killing something.

I also understand this is a necessary evil, as are the early morning dashes to town when a munching insect has been found and must be exterminated ‘right this very second, if not yesterday’.

Which is why I got to see these gorgeous colours on Monday morning. And why I found this HUGE poster, at our local shopping centre…

Silver Clouds

Silver Clouds

I can’t tell you how much of a “goose-bump moment” to see my books ‘up in lights’. In fact it’s the only time I’m usually quiet – I stand and stare!

Much to my daughter’s embarrassment I made her take the this photo – she all the while was glancing around to see if any of her friends were around and pay her out. I on the other hand, said it was a parent’s job to embarrass their kids and really was time she understood this and moved on!

My books are brought out at this time of year with Mother’s Day in mind. I know my publishers hope there will be many copies of Silver Clouds opened up, this Sunday morning and I do too – my intension with writing is to provide an escapism from the real world and friends for those reading (as in the characters from the story).

So if you do (or have) buy Silver Clouds for your mum, please send me an email (from the Contact Page) with your mum’s name and address and I’ll pop a small gift (inc chocolate!) in the mail, to her, from me. It won’t get there in time for the actual day, but it will be a surprise for the week after.

Along with many others I won’t see my mum on Mother’s Day, but I will see her the week after, in time for my birthday. Mum and I have a very special relationship and I truly believe there is nothing like a mother’s love. Enjoy yours.



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  1. Good on you Fleur and I hope you got spoilt for Mother’s Day too. By the way, really nice gesture there with the chocolates!

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