A new book and a new competition!

Back in December I was planning out a new book. I wasn’t sure when I was going to write it, because I was thinking about taking twelve months off from writing.

This book I was planning, called Indigo Storm, had a very tricky storyline and required a fair bit of research and I knew I needed a longer lead time, than just a year, to write it.

planning Emerald Bluff

planning Emerald Bluff

What has actually happened is that Crimson Dawn has done so incredible well (thank you to ALL of you who have bought it, read it, borrowed it from the library…) that I’m now not having my time off and I’m back into writing another book.

However, Indigo Storm is going onto the back burner – when I write this book, I really want it to be something special and I know I can’t do it in the time I have.

So, what we’ve decided is that I’m going to write a different book, called Emerald Bluff. Bluff is a play on words – deceive, someone pulling the wool over someone else’s eyes, playing, toying with them and also, Bluff as in a cliff face, high hill.

I have to admit, trying to write in the timeframe I have, is going to be really tricky, especially since we’re starting off the busiest time of the year, on the farm. (Did I mention we have 10,000 lambs to mark, plus all the normal farming activities? We did 800 yesterday and my old arthritic-y hands and elbows really didn’t like it much!)

I’ve frantically gone into ‘thinking about a new book’ mode and will have to really get my skates on to meet this new deadline. (Above is what my brain looks like at the moment – ideas going everywhere and nothing in order!)

Obviously part of this planning is naming everyone.

In the time I’ve got to know you all through Facebook and Twitter, I’ve worked out you guys are MUCH better at naming animals and humans, than I am, so here’s the new comp for you. CLICK HERE!  It may take a little while to load. Have fun and I can’t wait to see what you some up with!




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  1. Just thought to say love your books am in the process of re-reading them again!!! plus reading the latest one, although have cheated and bought the lot for my kindle so that I can take them everywhere I go. Looking forward to Emerald Bluff and when you get around to it Indigo Storm

  2. Hi Fleur,
    I think my entry worked. I had trouble with the entry form not allowing me to enter some details at first.
    A great competition, and I look forward to reading your new books!


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