A new love

Sunrise through the roses

Sunrise through the roses

I have found another love. Nope, I’m not running away from hubby or kids. Nor am I leaving the farm or the beautiful scenery. I’ve found INSTAGRAM!

Yep, I realise I’m probably behind the eight-ball. In fact I’m sure I am, because I have a feeling I signed up to Instragram when it first came out, but couldn’t work out how to use it. Well, let me tell you there are some benefits in having a teenage, tech-savvy daughter, because now I understand.

What I’ve found I love about it, is taking photos with the phone, then at the touch of a icon, make a seemingly simple and not the best photo, so brilliant, or dramatic, or beautiful. hence the photo above. Just normal roses, with the sun starting to rise through their leaves.


Shifting heavily pregnant ewes to greener pastures

Shifting heavily pregnant ewes to greener pastures

Or this one – I was shifting heavily pregnant ewes to a better paddock. The photo was slightly over-exposed, but here the colours are clear and maybe even more defined.

Getting in the first claviers

Getting in the first calvers

And this dramatic looking photo. black cattle are always hard to take photos of – black can be tricky to photograph. But here we are, getting in the first calvers to mark their calves, with a stormy sky behind them.

Another stunning sunrise

Another stunning sunrise

And this is just another gorgeous sunrise, taken this morning.

I hope you don’t mind if I pepper you with photos. It will only be until the craze wears off – that doesn’t usually take too long with me!

Oh and PS – you can find me there as fleurmcdonald.

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