A normal Saturday…

It’s been a busy Saturday on ‘McDonald’s Farm’, (we skip the old bit, coz we’re not there yet!)

First up was the weekly crop check. It’s not only humans that like going on crop checks. The canines of love it too.

They must love the feel of the leaves in their faces or something, because they’re always first off the back of the ute and running through the barley or oats. As the crops get taller, often the dogs can’t see us and if we whistle, they stand up on their back legs to see where we are.

Rocket is so little it doesn’t take long for the crops to grow tall enough for him not to be able to see us. When I took him out this morning, all I could see was the white tip of his tail, and hear the crop rustling as he ran along one of the seeding lines. It always looks gorgeous!

Then we weighed lambs in readiness for a truck on Wednesday. Rocket was being my sheep dog once again, but this time I had help. Hayden had been ‘keeping the sheep up’ in the yards, then helped get the sheep back to their paddock nearly three kilometres away!  Little boys always have huge appetites and there’s nothing like a good pie and sauce to take the rumbles away.

Last week’s crop checks revealed the need for fungicide. The ag plane arrived ready to spray (the crops are too advanced to run over with the tractor and boom-spray now). Though I always marvel at how low these pilots can fly – sometimes I just have to shut my eyes. Aerial agriculture is a male dominated industry and I was intrigued to learn this pilot was female. I was even more intrigued to learn that her name was… Wait for it… Fleur!

The last job was some burning and that was the end of a very busy day on the farm.

I was really pleased I managed to get a couple of hours editing in over the weekend too.

Here’s a few more photos from the weekend:

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