A perfect start!

Check out this sunrise! I was up early a few weeks ago – it was before the rain we had over this past weekend and things were dry and stark. The morning air, around this time of the year, should be damp and cool, but not this morning!

This was a sunrise from the middle of summer! The pre-dawn feel was  warm and dry and the sunrise was hinting at another perfect day… for living, not farming! And that’s the way we really have to look at dry times: find hope and optimism in each day.

Yep, it’s dry, and yep, we are still hand feeding animals and they not looking in tiptop condition and yep, the water is getting a bit low in the dams – some have disappeared completely. But while we are doing all of this we’re experiencing gorgeous weather – it’s hard to be sad when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the weather is still (it would be different it was hot with a strong northerly blowing).

And the other good thing is days like these make for wonderful fishing nights!

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  1. Wow! You have some beautiful sunrises and sunsets! No wonder they inspire your writing! Your photos are beautiful too! What sort of camera do you use?

  2. Hi Adelle, I now use a Canon SLR EOS 500D, but I’ve only just go that in the last month or so. Before that, I was just using a point and click Fugifilm Finepix 1000, which I still have and still use – it’s got some fantastic points about it!

  3. /Users/24547/Desktop/My Stuff/Pictures/Home/Equator Lake/DCP_1968.JPG

    Not sure if this picture will come up but i took this one day when i went down to our lake. Stormy skies make THE Best backgrounds!! I take heaps of those sort of pictures!! Love it!! <3

  4. The canon range are great, my family, as you might know are really into photography and we love going on ‘photo missions’ as we call them, taking creative photos.
    I love the photos you take!

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