A ray of hope

I can honestly say, this is my least favourite time of the year. Yes, believe it or not, I do think like this at times!

Like Wednesday when we preg-tested 1600 ewes in 35 degree heat, the dust swirling around us like a dust storm, or Thursday, when I spent only about two hours in the sheep yards. By the time I came out, I was black with dirt, every time I closed my mouth, I could feel the crunch of dirt on my teeth and no matter how many times, I licked my lips (yes you have to do that instead of butting on lip balm, otherwise the dirt will stick to it) they were still dry from the howling winds.

When I went to feed the cows, the ‘fines’ (which is the minute hay particles of clover and ryegrass) blew all over me and gave me a quick onset of hay fever and I sneezed until my eyes watered and my nose ran!

Now this ‘time’ of the year doesn’t have to be right now. It can be later or earlier in the year. What I mean by that is, it’s the time before the opening rains come, that I hate. It’s when soil has had enough of being dry, when the grasses have broken down and the ground is crying for a drink. The winds blow strongly, making the ground even drier and evaporating water from the already low dams.

As foul as it sounds (and when you live it, it’s just gross!) there is always an end. Thursday afternoon we had 7.6mm of rain. Now that wasn’t enough to make a difference or be an opening rain, but it was enough to dampen down the dust and give us hope. But when we had another 10mm during Friday night, we started to smile.

It’s slightly too early to think the break of the season is here, but it’s a start and this photo is what my Friday afternoon of hope, looked like!

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  1. Yay for rain… I so know the feeling! Glad you got some wet stuff…

    There is no pore cleanser in the world that can get that fine dust out – ah, but doesn’t a cold beer taste good at the end of such a day (or ginger beer, depending on your persuasion!).

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