A trove of treasures!

The jonquils, this year, are just beautiful!

I’ve just come in from hanging some clothes on the line and the slight breeze wafted their scent all the way over to where I was standing. What a joy something like that can bring to such a mundane task!

When we first moved to this house, I spent hours weeding and cleaning up the garden. It hadn’t been lived in for some time and the outside resembled a jungle – a nice one though, because the kids loved making a cubby under the trees or playing hide and seek among the tall grasses (that was fine until we worked out how many snakes were here!)

But as autumn turned to winter, suddenly all the barren ground I had ear-marked for annuals or new plants erupted with flowering bulbs! It was like discovering a chest of treasure – you never knew what was going to pop out of the ground next!

It was a lovely discovery and I certainly appreciated the hard work someone before me has put into this unloved garden of mine!

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