A week of wonders!

Mount Howick


Yesterday we woke to our hill being shrouded in heavy, low cloud and gentle showers pushing up from the coast. It was a beautiful way to start the day, especially after the pounding we had on Thursday evening.

It was the most incredible thunderstorm I have ever seen and we netted a whopping 46mm over a space of about three hours! It has definitely fixed our water problems for this year.

The Boss always says low dams can be fixed within a matter of minutes if you’re under the right thunderstorm. Well he was proved right!

Last week was a pretty amazing week for me. I became an aunty for the second time, a little girl named Lexy Grace, was born to my sister, Susan and her husband, Nathan.

I saw the redesigned website which will be launched in about three weeks and I’m so happy and excited with it. I can’t wait to show you all and see what you think.

The final cover for Purple Roads made it’s way into my in-box – you’ll all see shortly.

I was asked on Facebook what it was like to hold a book I’d written in my hand. It’s a difficult feeling to describe. On one hand all I want to do is run around and scream, shout and cry. On the other side it’s almost a feeling of reverence as I look at the cover and see my work bound inside a beautiful cover ready and waiting to go on the shelves.

I wrote about seeing Red Dust for the first time here and how we country authors have to go a little out of way to get our books!

Loretta Hill wrote a gorgeous blog about seeing someone buying her book, The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots, when it first came out earlier this month ( http://lorettahill.com.au/?page_id=67 ). You can feel her excitement and pleasure at this. I think every author has a dream to see someone buying or reading their book in a public place like an airport – I know I have. Although it’s never happened to me, I still hope I might!

So Gaby Cumming I hope this answers your question!

What was wonderous about your week?

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  1. Oh Fleur – Thanks. I can only imagine what an amazing feeling it would be after all that hard work. I listened to a couple of people talking about one of my photos in a National Exhibition once. They didn’t know the photo was mine and luckily they were saying nice things. It was very odd though!

  2. Beautiful blog and photo, Fleur! Sounds like a lovely week for the start of 2012.

    I smiled as I read Loretta’s post. Her delight just shone through and why wouldn’t it!! How exciting for a writer to see someone holding their book. I had the pleasure of flying a couple to Horn Island who were reading Wings of Fear. The cabin crew dragged me down the back to sign it for them – put a smile on my face for the rest of the week!

    Looking forward to a seeing your new website AND the cover for Purple Roads 🙂

  3. Fleur, I absolutely love reading, looking, at your blog whenever I can. I love the way you bring the country to the millions. Keep it up!

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award if you are interested. Pop by and grab the award if you like, Cheers, Meg

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