ABIA Awards

It’s been such a busy time for us recently, with seeding, sheep work and all sorts of other things on the go! It will be like this until after Christmas now with hay making, shearing and later, harvest.

We’ve been lucky enough to have good rains and everything seems to be on track for a good season.

The weather has been freezing and as you can see by this photo, the skies have been far from blue this week – although as I sit and write this, it’s shaping up for a cold but clear day!

I had a phone call from my publisher late Friday afternoon, asking if she thought I could be in Sydney by Wednesday for the ABIA awards. Red Dust is a finalist in the Newcomers/Debut section and oh, how I’d love to go – the powerhouses of the industry would be there along with the writers, the opportunities… the list goes on!

But after a hurried discussion and thoughts about what we have to do this week, I’ve been sad to decline the invitation. However, I really want to wish all of the A&U authors good luck – and there’s quite a few of them. Fellow WA author Craig Silvey is among them with his amazing book, Japser Jones.

Allen and Unwin themselves are up for the award of Publisher of the Year and I have to say after working with them for three years now, they deserve every award and accolade available. Allen and Unwin run their business thinking all their staff are ‘family’ and it shows. Everyone I have dealt with has been passionate, helpful and love what they do. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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  1. Good Luck Fleur! Hope you win. I absolutely loved your book.
    It’s such an achievement to even get a book published, let alone nominated for an award and something that I definitely aspire to as writer. Good luck again

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