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Welcome to Writer’s Block!

For those of you who haven’t been on this ride with me since the start, I thought I’d introduce you to a little of my world!

The lights of my life

The lights of my life

First and foremost, I’m a mum to two amazing humans. Rochelle and Hayden.

Both of these two have challenges – Rochelle was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at about eighteen months old – you wouldn’t know there was anything amiss with her now! She’s an incredibly talented photographer and writer.

Hayden has autism, which is a continual challenge for both him and the people who love him. However, through a lot of hard work, he is in his final year of main stream schooling. He’s always surprising and delighting me every day with his insight and take on the world.

These two are the lights of my life.

Us three!

Us three!

We’ve had a pretty turbulent couple of years, the three of us, with my marriage breaking down. We stick close together.

So a little bit about me, since I guess that’s why you’ve turned here.

I’m a farmer-without-a-farm. I’ve spent twenty years farming on the South East coast of WA. It’s my plan, within time, that I’ll go back to producing prime lambs. That’s my passion. As is wanting to show agriculture in a positive light and bridge the gap between the city and the country. I’m dedicated to anything agriculture.

Keeping busy sees me as the Junior Vice President for our local show. Esperance and Districts Agricultural Show is a two day show which sees over ten thousand people through the gate and is the biggest event in the Esperance Shire.

I’m on the board of Australian Women in Agriculture, was a state finalist for the Rural Women’s Award in 2017 and hope to have a lot more interaction and impact on women in agriculture over the nest few years. Women in the farming industry are somewhat invisible, although I’ve seen it start to change, since I was a young woman, working on a farm in 1992.

Combining with my love of agriculture and writing, I  have a monthly column in RIPE magazine, an insert of the Farm Weekly, WA’s leading Agricultural newspaper.

Joining my local Rotary Club, has been a wonderful thing for me to do. The amount of confidence it’s given me has been awesome, as well as learning so much about ventures this world-wide club is involved in. We also have a farm (Prickle Farm) as part of our fund raising ability, and as of July 2016, I’m Co-Director of that. I joined Rotary so I could keep my hand in farming and be a part of the wonderful work that this club does across the world. Early this year, we’ll be hosting an exchange student, which we’re all looking forward to.

I am the founder and chairperson of a not-for-profit organisation Breaking the Silence Imc.

The Breaking the Silence website collates essential support service contact details, individually tailored to each shire in WA. In time, I hope to take this nation-wide.

Domestic Abuse is a complex issue and through Breaking the Silence we aim to reach and support, as many rural people in need, as we can. Offering assistance by supplying information to help with choices as well as personal development. If you would like to know, or become a supporter, please email us at

I love animals. Meet Rocket…

Tree climber with a bung ear

Tree climber with a bung ear

And Sam, who is part of the crew owned by my beautiful friend, Emma, from Colonial Clydesdales. I get to look after these beautiful animals when she’s not home.


Gotta love a Clydesdale!

Gotta love a Clydesdale!

I guess you could say I love anything country. Windmills, wide open spaces and the bush.


I adore laughing – there is no better medicine, unless it’s wine or coffee and I’m very partial to both. Or reading.

Sam is so good at standing still!

Sam is so good at standing still!

Over the past five years, my life has been a bit of a rollercoaster, trying to fit in farming, being a mum to two kids with disabilities and caring for my mother-in-law during the last three years of her life, as well as writing these books. Most of Purple Roads, Silver Clouds and Crimson Dawn were written in and out of hospital or hotel rooms, while I accompanied my mother-in-law to her treatment and appointments.

I’ve written twelve books – the twelfth – Where The River Runs will be out released in December 2018 (with the next already in draft). With all the challenges I’ve faced, I’ve realised that I’ve needed to go through these things, to be able to write the books I do. It’s really important my books are authentic – I won’t sugar-coat the realities of farming or life. I’ve lived it so I know…


I live by the quote from Christine Mason Miller: ‘At any given moment you have the power to say; This is NOT how the story is going to end.


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  1. Thank you for being so candid Fleur, have just finished reading Indigo Storm and loved it. Looking forward to Sapphire Falls and Missing Pieces of Us. the new website is lovely.

  2. Fleur, what a life you are having!! I have a 31 year old daughter with an intellectual disability who lives with us, I understand totally the challenges of having a child with a disability – but I always say, it could be worse ?? I have Sapphire Falls in my reading shelf here and hope to get to it soon. I am so excited to read your new book, because I did exactly what your character is doing myself this year, I went in search of my birth mother. Can’t wait to hear how she got on.

  3. I have read quite a few of your books Fleur and really enjoyed them. I am a new writer though I have written nearly all my life, now I am dragging out the old folders and rewriting. I live in Central Qld on the Capricorn Coast and I am always listening to others ideas on writing and publishing. I have self-published two through Amazon Kindle recently, both in paperback and ebook.

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