After the Rain

Rain just seems to bring the whole countryside alive – animals and humans alike – and the 27mm we had over the weekend has done just that.

The menfolk are smiling and you can hear the roar of tractors, sowing the crops or spraying the paddocks, when you walk outside. At night the landscape is dotted with machine spotlights as the blokes work late.

The stock are chasing the green pick, that seems to have appeared overnight (maybe the dust was just washed off what germination was still left alive) and the insects have gone crazy!

The dragonflies, it seems, have decided it’s mating season and there are huge numbers of them flying around – quite amazing the way that they can mate while they’re flying! Gives a whole new meaning to ‘The mile high club’!

I caught this little guy as he landed on my Butterfly Bush. He (or she!) intrigued me and I loved the way I could see the glistening raindrops on his back.

So, without being greedy, we’d love to see another couple of inches over the coming weekend – we’d hate to have another false break, like we did about a month ago. Here’s to a good season!

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  1. Agreed!! (to the extra rain so it isn’t a false start!!) We got rain and it is SOOO good except we can’t start just yet because the spraying contractor can’t come just yet 🙁 but rain is good 😀

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