Ah, Esperance weather! And more books!

The clouds started to gather, yesterday afternoon. The headers were racing to try get as much crop into the bins, before the rain came… Or maybe it wouldn’t rain, it just pretending it might.

At about 8pm Hayden came running out of his room. ‘Mum, Dad I can hear rain!’

Oh good. We only had about another two hours worth of harvest left and we would be finished, but now we’ll have to stop because the moisture will be too high and because all our silos were full!

This will mean we’re stopped for a little while because, as I type, there are little ‘scuddy’ showers coming up from the coast. We’re hoping to be finished before Christmas!

Now, I mentioned there would be more author recommendations for books as presents or summer reading.

Kate Gordon of Three things about Daisy Blue, fame has emailed me huge list! Check out some of these:


  1. Zombies vs Unicorns – Holly Black & Justine Larbalestier
  2. Beauty – Robin McKinley
  3. Love is the Higher Law – David Levithan
  4. Revolution – Jennifer Donnelly
  5. The Tao of Pooh – Benjamin Hoff
  6. (Because my Husband will kill me if I never get around to reading his favourite books) The Death Gate Cycle – Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman


  1. To my Mum (who loves YA books) – Dear Swoosie – Penni Russon & Kate Constable
  2. To Husband Bear (my beloved metalhead) Mosh Potatoes – Steve Seabury
  3. To my Dad (a brilliant cook and Nigella fan) – Nigella Express – Nigella Lawson
  4. To my Nan (a lover of a good, warm, lively read) – Dona Nicanora’s Hat Shop – Kirstan Hawkins
  5. To my brother (who digs an awesome thriller) – Worth Dying for – Lee Child
  6. To my flower-loving mother-in-law – The Rose – Jennifer Potter

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  1. LOVE the photo, Fleur!! What a fantastic capture!

    Geez, you are reading a lot of books, girl!! How do you do that as well as being a daughter, mum, wife, farmer, writer… you’re amazing. 🙂

    I hope the family aren’t into reading your blog unless they already know what they are getting!! lol!

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