Now it’s time to sit and do some writing! The Community Fair is over, things are quietly tonking along on the farm and I think I’ve found the bottom of my washing and ironing basket! (For this week at least!)

So, the writing… yes, but there’s still office work to do, cooking to fill the kids’ lunch boxes, gardening, oh, and the phone call to ask for help to get the cattle in.

Right, back again. Now before the writing, I’ll just tidy my desk so I’m organised – I don’t know how my desk gets to look this – find all the pens I need for editing… and… sit. Write.

Not likely! It’s time to pick up the kids from the bus!

Where did that day go? And NO writing, and deadline looming… ahhh!

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  1. Dear Fleur,
    Congrtulations on your publication Red Dust. My name is Margie Arnold and I am the owner of Meg’s Bookshop in Port Pirie. I have just read your book and enjoyed it thoroughly. You look like you have a very busy life, but if you get the chance we would love to host an event for you here in Pirie or in the region. Cheers, Margie

  2. Hi Margie

    Thanks for getting in contact! I’m home (back to Orroroo) every so often – maybe once a year – so when I am I’ll let you know! Thank you for offering an oppertunity. I’ll also let my publicist at Allen & Unwin know.

    I’m pleased you liked Red Dust. I get a kick out of knowing that I’ve produced something that someone has enjoyed reading, since I love reading so much!

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