Amazing Sunsets


In summer one of the things I love are the amazing sunsets. They can be anything from wild –  like the ones created by thunderstorms – to sublime and just plain beautiful.

I must admit, coming from the mid north of SA and after spending a lot of time around the Alice Springs area, I thought the Esperance sunsets were tame compared to the vivid colours that the other two areas could produce. Not only in sunsets, but in the landscape. I was used to striking colour – blazing reds against intense blues.

After living in Esperance for nearly seventeen years, now I’ve learnt that Esperance has more colours than I ever imagined. They are less bright and perhaps you need to train the eye to look for them – it’s easy to think that in the heat summer that the dry grasses are a drab grey, or the trees a dull green. But it’s not the case.

The sea sparkles brightly and the sand is a blinding white. The native Munji trees spring forth with bright orange flowers and even though the landscape doesn’t burst with colour the way the northern parts of SA and NT do, the colour is still there… it’s just softer.

This sunset is a particularly spectacular one for our neck of the woods!

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  1. Hey Fleur – awesome sunsets for sure! Amazing colours and so dramatic! I love a sunset after a thunderstorm or just any storm, when there are lots of clouds to reflect the suns rays and the most awesome colours appear. We’ve seen them from pink through to glowing red here and much as I love them, I have to say the golden sunsets of Port Stephens leave me breathless! Like this one…

    But ANY sunset is beautiful – the magic of nature!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend over there. 🙂 x

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