An early morning visitor…

April sunrise

April sunrise


A couple of mornings ago, staggering from broken sleep, bleary eyed, I emerged into the world of consciousness by a beautiful sunrise.

For those of you who follow this blog, you’ll probably know I’m a bit keen on sunrises and sunsets and I’m often rushing off at the most inappropriate times (like when I should be mashing potatos or making school lunches) to take photos!

Anyway, I thought this particular mornings’ was worthy of a quick snap. As I pushed open the door I heard a moo. And not just any moo – a very close moo. On further investigation, I found this on the front lawn…

Lightning wanting his breakfastAnd not just waiting… Salivating on the pavers at the front door. Obviously Lightning was sick and tired of waiting for his breakfast.



I'm drooling here, where is my milk??

I’m drooling here, where is my milk??

I can’t say Hayden was late in making up the breakfast or anything there was anything different, but Lightning obviously felt the need for a visit to the big house where his milk comes from. And he was happy he found us, because he raced up to me and started sucking on my jeans leg. Me? I wasn’t so much so. Only because we’ve had pet calves around the house before and they’ve died because they’ve eaten something poisonous – I have no idea what is in the garden which caused them to die, otherwise it would be well and truly gone.

Because boy and calf are such good mates, I wasn’t going to risk the same thing happening here. Lightning had to leave. And now!

Ah, finally. Breakfast.

Ah, finally. Breakfast.

After a quick rustle up of Hayden (and more coffee for me) it was time to move the calf on. Best way to do that? Make up a BIG serving of fresh milk, give him a quick taste and…

What? Where are you taking me?

What? Where are you taking me?

… Let boy and calf be on their way, back to the pen where Lightning should have been hanging out.

But to be honest, this isn’t the strangest visitor we’ve had. Once had I came around the corner of the house to find a racehorse goanna clawing it’s way up the brick wall to the roof! Scared the sh** out of me!

What is the weirdest early morning visitor you’ve had?

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  1. I can’t recall any weird morning visitors … on the station it was normal to wake up to one of the dairy cows scratching on the corner of the quarters or the horses munching around the quarters. My weirdest bed time visitor was a tiny bat that flew in and out as soon as the light was out. I love sunrise and sunset and used to (still do sometimes) wander around taking snaps in the early morning or evening light.

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