And the rain keeps falling…


What odd weather we’re having. On Monday the mercury hit 48 degrees, even though the official reading was 45. What’s a few degrees when it gets that hot though?!

After sweltering throughout the day, at about 5pm, it was still 40, so I loaded up the kids and headed to the beach. A cool change came through just as we arrived and while the kids, Rocket and I splashed at the water’s edge, the thunder rumbled all around.

Then it started to rain and rain it did! From Monday night until Thursday morning it rained, rained and rained a bit more! (Not one break in the gentle, steady rain.)

100mm of rain later and today is looking still threatening. Part of this has come from Cyclone Dominique which battered the north recently.


The power and phone has been out for the past two days so our new friend has been this generator. We’ve had extension cords running everywhere to try and keep the fridge and three freezers going.

Even our mobiles have been down so we have well and truly been isolated from the world! But the kids have had a brilliant time playing in the puddles — it hasn’t been cold.

Hayden and I are off to feed the cows now. With all the rain, they’ll be starving and in need of a good ‘nosh’ up.

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