Another night at Thomas River

The boss mans’ fishing adventures have been non-existent lately! Between my high-flying (and rather unusual) absences, the rainy weather (not that we’re complaining!) and getting to the busy time of year,  it’s been rather difficult to make it to the beach.

However, last weekend we all made it down there. A fire, full moon and toasted marshmallows made for a fantastic night. All we were missing were the fish!

The sea has been quite stirred up over the past couple of weeks. The strong winds and rain have caused a huge swell, which in turn stirs up the seaweed and makes it hard to fish. That was what it was like the other night, so after a couple of hours of dragging seaweed, every time Anthony reeled the line in, he gave up and sat down to enjoy the moon rising over the water, the atmosphere and the kids.

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  1. Yep, sitting on the beach with a fire, a wine and some nibbles – that’s the best thing about fishing! (I’m not a fisherwoman at all!)

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