Another Surprise!

fleur-german-coverWhen I started up the computer this morning, I had a lovely email from my German publishers!

There was an attachment with the cover for Red Dust which is due out in Germany, in April 2010.

Only there they have changed the title to Wilder Eukalyptus.

It blows me away to think that it will be on the shelves in another country this time next year!



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  1. Thats still a long time, april 2010… I think I’ll read it before in english, i hope I can get “Red Dust” in english here in Switzerland, where I’m living and farming with my husband =) Kind regards Rosemary

  2. Hi Rosemary,

    Wow! Switzerland! I guess you are beinning to warm up for your summer. I hope the season is kind to you. We’ve been expereincing very dry conditions until this weekend when we got 32mm of rain.

    Red Dust is available through the Allen and Unwin Website (at the top of the page) if that helps you at all.

    Thanks for getting in contact!


  3. That is great that the Novel is going to Germany. I will tell my Family there, that”Red Dust ” or “Wilder Eukalytus”is a very good book. Well done! I will get a german copy aswell. I living her in Esperance may see you down the street sometime
    Best Regards Viola

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