Are you a re-reader?

The celebrations and competitions are still happening today, despite the rain threatening to derail harvest for a few days. This was my view as I got off the chaser bin, yesterday.

Tomorrow is the last day, to enter your name in the draw to win a two year subscription to RM Williams Outback magazine.

Today I’m asking ‘Are you a once reader, or a re-reader?’ 

Personally, I’m a re-reader. Especially my old favourites like Patrica Cornwell and Michael Connelly.

So to go in the draw to win the daily prize and go in the draw for the Outback Magazine, tell me if you read a book only once, by leaving a comment here.

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  1. Absolutely a re-reader … a good book always seems to offer new insights each time you read it. Like a favourite piece of music or a favourite movie they just get better and better with each read.

  2. I have re-read some books by my favourite authors before as it feels like coming home to a good friend. I also read again before a sequel comes out so I’m ready for the new book. Basically, I just about read non-stop.

  3. I love re reading and a few of many come to mind Little women, The unbearable lightness of being all tried ad re tested

  4. I am definitely a re-reader; only if the book is worth another read! The classics like Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice are a given, as well as books like The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and Molly Fox’s Birthday by Deirdre Madden.

  5. I’m a once reader, but I never get rid of a book, I share them but they always return to me just in the off chance I will re read

    Loving your style of writing

  6. I enjoy to re-read books that have had a change affect ion my life and of course with small children I have read quite a few of my childrens favourites many many times

  7. Definitely a re-reader, and a book treasurer, I have shelves of them and read them over and over 🙂 I read very fast so I try to re-read as it gets too expensive to buy a new book 4 times a week! Thank heavens for libraries, garage sales and book exchanges.

  8. I am definately a re-reader, I have quite a few favorite country romance books that I have read over & over!
    Love being able to relate to the stories of being on the land:)

  9. I think I’m an accidental re-reader. Often I’m thinking about or discussing a book I’ve read, but then I have to get it out and clarify something or for just curiousities sake I’ll look up a particular part. As a result, I usually end up reading the whole thing all over again. Not that I’m complaining!

  10. I am definitely a once only reader. I like to absorb them the first time around. I find it really hard to back and read again as I know what I about to read. I find that I have to leave books for decades before I can even contemplate opening them again.

  11. It really depends on the book as to whether it will score a re read or not down the track, hence an overflowing bookcase, bedside table & coffee table as I keep all my books.

  12. What a pertinent question!!! I just stumbled upon Mary Stewart. I devoured Mary Stewart books when I was in high school, and seeing a book with her name on it just brought back all sorts of memories. I’ve been re-reading her books.

  13. I’m most definately a ‘once reader’. When I’ve tried to re read, I tend to think about what might happen next and then find out I’ve remembered wrongly, so I’ve not really tuned into the story properly anyway.
    Now I don’t even bother to pick up a book I’ve read before….much more likely to recommend it or pass the book on if it’s mine.

  14. I am not a re reader. But having said that I am considering re reading the outlander series by Dianna Gabaldon as I have yet to read the last book and feel like I need to refresh the whole thing – I’m not sure if I can though!

  15. Definately a rereader, like to go back and read the books I haven’t read in a while. Being a fast reader as in I can read a novel in a day its a bit hard to just be a once reader. Never enough new books about.

  16. definitely a re-reader, its amazing the parts you discover you missed the first time around with a good book. Often I re-read a book and go “ahh…so thats what really happened”

  17. I re-read my favourites, I was a member of a book club for a long time so I have accumulated a fair few books that are not really to my taste and I won’t read them again – but I keep them and share them around – my fav’s are aussie farm lit, and I re-read these, it’s like coming home. I have read red dust, purple roads and blue skies four or five times already and have read all of Rachael Treasure’s books at least six times each 🙂

  18. I am definitely a re-reader when it comes to the Farm Weekly, Countryman or a good horse magazine. Not a re-reader when it comes to a novel, maybe one day when I’m too old for anything else but knitting I’ll give them another crack, or better still I might have to retire to Broome one day and need something to read whilst I wait for the fish to bite : )

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