Australian Year of the Farmer – A Farmer’s Story – No. 3

Australian Year of the Farmer Introducing Ben from Bond Springs Station, NT


1. Summary of your family and farming enterprise

My Family started in the Flinders Ranges, and then in 1959 my Mum moved to the NT as a School of the Air Governess.

She loved the Red Centre so her and Dad purchased Bond Springs Station in the early 60’s. Bond Springs Station is 30km out of Alice Springs.

I have 3 siblings, we all schooled on the School of the Air on Bond Springs.

My wife Laura and son Joe remain on Bond Springs Station and run Poll Hereford cattle.


Ben, Joe & Lauren at Bond Springs Station, NT

Ben, Joe & Lauren at Bond Springs Station, NT

2. For you, what is the best lifestyle factor that you enjoy as a farmer?

I love working in the bush fresh air hard work and gaining skills including Truck Road-Train driving, heavy machine operating, welding, live stock handling and many more skills needed to operate a cattle station.


Bond Springs Station

Bond Springs Station

3. What do you foresee as your biggest short term and long term challenges ?in farming?

Drought is a constant battle understanding the elements, scaling, operating costs, the Labor Government, Aboriginal shire taxs, carbon taxs and basically the Labor Government who do not support or assist private enterprise.


Bushfire on Bond Springs Station, NT

Bushfire on Bond Springs Station, NT

4. What do you wish non-farmers / city people & the Australian Government ?understood about farming. What message would you like to put on a billboard ?in Collins Street?

I’d like to see the billboard in Canberra, our Nations Capital.

I believe the population needs to understand living on the land means we all need to be totally self sufficient; all jobs from plumbing to mechanics to fencing and live stock we do ourselves.

I think the Indonesian live export ban was a short-sighted mistake by the government.

They need to understand there was only a few abattoirs operating under Indonesian style/Hulla Slaughter, there were abattoirs operating correctly, the ban has sent many stations broke.

It’s affected industries outside of core cattle businesses, including service jobs such as trucks, helicopters, cafes, road houses that have gone down the tube.


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  1. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Agribusiness in Perth. I am sad to say many people are advising me not to pursue my dream of working in the cattle industry potentially a live export company. Fortunatley I am extremely strong willed and will one day work in the cattle industry, but it is just extremely dishearting being told not to join such a wonderful and amazing industry where the future potential is endless.

    1. Hi Ashley, yes that is indeed dishearting to hear. I guess with so much uncertainty in that industry, its hard to know the right thing to do. The cattle industry in other sections are going great guns and I’m sure the LE will get sorted. It’s too important to northern Australia, not to have.

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