Autumn Evenings

I think regular readers of my blog know that our family spends a bit of time at the beach.

The boss is a keen fisherman and always seems to have his eye on the tides, his Almanec and whatever else that tells him it’s a good fishing night.

Our beaches are usually deserted but in the lead up to Easter, we get inundated with other keen fisher-people. I have never seen our beach as crowded as it was last night – when the sun disappeared and we looked back behind us, the sand was lit up with spotlights, camp fires and the little green fluorescent lights that clip on to the end of the fishing rods. It could be quite spectacular, if we weren’t used to being by ourselves.

Of course, with so many people out and about, you’re bound to run into someone that you know, which we did. The kids had a wonderful time racing along the tips of the sand dunes and running and playing.

With a nearly-full moon, calm weather and a cool night, made warm by a fire, it was an exceptionally pleasant way to send the evening… Even if the fish didn’t make an appearance.

Oh and see that colour, just where the pink is changing to the blue – I swear that is my favourite colour of all time!

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