Babies galore…

It’s that time of year again… Yes, BABIES!

Angus Cow and Calf

Calving has started.

This is one of my favourite times in our farming calendar. And this season, it’s made even better by the 60mm of rain we had about two weeks ago; there is a green pick for all the animals. (By ‘green pick’ I mean the clover and grasses have just started to germinate.)

Our heifers started to calves about a week ago and as with all first time mum’s, they need a close eye kept on them. We check the paddock twice a day in case there are any birthing problems or mum’s who think they aren’t mum’s and need encouraging to love their babies – this happens from time to time.

This new mum loves her baby, so my empty pet calf pen will stay that way for the time being (I much prefer it that way!).

There are about eight calves on the ground at the moment and another 60 or so to come. They can calve for up to six weeks, so with our twice-daily visits, we get to know our heifers pretty well by the time they’ve all finished.

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