Baby time


This is the time of year for babies! It’s a gorgeous time, watching them take their first steps then within a half an hour or so being able to run.

Calves in particular are beautiful with their liquid brown eyes and long eyelashes. I can tell you that cattle take the cake for long eyelashes! We missed out big time!

Calves concentrate so hard, while drinking,often when you drive past and they get a fright, they pull away from the udder and have milk all around their mouth and nose (just like our babies do when they’ve been drinking milo) and games they play with each other just bring a smile to your face! Calf chasey is a classic.

Cows often place their calves in a crèche, leaving one mum behind while the others go out to feed. It’s like a big day-care!

This little fella is our first calf of the season, so mum hasn’t got anyone else to leave him with. She placed him in a corner surrounded by long grass – I had to look hard to find him – and somehow, he knows not to shift until she comes back to get him, so he’ll happily sleep in the sun until it’s feed time.

It’s hard to imagine he’ll grow into a big 5-600kg beast at this age!

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