Back at work? Need some peace?


So you’re all back at working, feeling like you’ve never left? Wondering where that holiday feeling has gone?

Yeah, me too.

Maybe if you look at these photos and imagine the salty air blowing through your hair, the cry of seagulls and the sand between your toes, I can help you recapture the holiday feeling!


We beached it for a couple of hours yesterday, and as all good Fire Control Officers do, we had our fire cart ready for emergencies – so many of them on the beach… Not! (Mel, you would be proud!)



The beach was incredible – as it usually is, but the water seemed clearer, the air cleaner; salty smelling air wipes the cobwebs away, I reckon.


There’s always places to sleep…


And to play. This whopper is a Mulloway. Fish and Chips anyone? Our place. Tonight!


Sunsets, well, what more can one say when you’re sitting in a chair with a  glass of vino?



Here’s just one more.

Hope I’ve helped to bring back those holiday feelings!





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