Back to the real world!

Well, there has been so much going on in my book world, it’s been a relief to get back out into the paddocks again!

We’re still waiting on the break of the season and have got a few sheep on the next door neighbours property, on agistment, as our water supplies are low. The past few years hasn’t netted us much run-off rain for the dams and for the second year in a row, our two key dams are dry. (We tried to stop this from happening by digging a new dam last year, but there wasn’t any rain after it was finished to fill it – the fickle hand of fate!)

We decided to bring these girls home after a freak thunderstorm last week, dropped 23mm in a small strip (which just happened to have a dam in its path, thankfully!) and ran some water.

They’ve walked about eight kilometres and I love the way that if you leave them to walk under their own steam (not pushing them fast or hard), that they spread out, follow their pads and gently walk without tiring themselves out.

Today (Easter Saturday), we awoke to find the place awash with water! We had 22mm at the home farm and 30mm at the other. We are now hoping that this is the break of the season. The lack of power (thanks to the thunderstorms) is a small inconvenience compared to the rain that it brought.

With all the little black dots (calves) that are appearing throughout the paddocks and the lambs that are due at the end of April, it would be lovely to have green grass for them and their mums. The rain also helps with everyone’s health, humour and positiveness for the up and coming season.

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