Barry and Book clubs!

Do any of you know this bloke? He’s the local ABC presenter for all of  WA ‘cept Perth.  Cute kids huh?

Well, Barry and I, we’ve put our heads together and come up with a great idea. We’re starting a Book Club on the radio! Now I can’t let too many details out of the bag, just yet – you’ll have to listen in on Thursday, we when have our first chat about the book we’re going to read and all of the finer points. But, what I will say is that over the next few days, we’ll be starting a Facebook and Twitter page – if you’re at all keen on reading, I’d suggest you sign (I’ll put the links up as soon as we’ve done them). The reason why? Well, you might be one of the listeners that get to talk books with Barry and me!

It will be a once a month thing and I’m really looking forward to reading books than I wouldn’t  ordinarily read.

I’m just trying to find out whether there is someway all you guys in other states can listen – leave that with me, I’m working on it!

But to all of you in WA, who listen to Barry, keep an ear on the radio, on Thursday

Awesome, what more could you want? A book club on the radio!

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  1. Great idea, Fleur. Our local ABC does a Tuesday Book Club on air and it’s fabulous! A local playwright, a journo and Fiona Sewell, the morning presenter, chat about a book they’ve read. I think you’re on a winner there and you’ll have a lovely time!

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