Wave wash our away our existence

Beaching it

Beautiful Cape Arid

My husband (also known as ‘The Boss) is a mad keen fisherman. He will go to the beach when it’s raining, a howling southerly or when it’s a beautiful calm day. The only thing that stops him from getting a line in the water, is if there is ‘weed’ out in the holes he’s trying to fish in.

Apparently, ‘weed’ makes it too hard to pull the line in, or gives you ‘false’ bites.

As you can see from the top photo, the sea was an angry, stirred up piece of nature, last night. The waves were fairly dumping in to the shore.

Oily water

As the evening went on, the wind abated and it ended up so calm that the water looked like it had oil shimmering on it’s surface.

We were treated to a few of natures displays. Firstly there were a couple of whales, who made a brief appearance, to wave hello. (I wasn’t quick enough with the camera, for them.)

Then, as we were baiting up, Rochelle spotted something within the waves. On closer inspection, we realised it was a seal, hunting for it’s dinner. While the kids and I were oh-ing and ah-ing about it’s antics (again, moving far too quickly for me to get a photo), the boss was snarling because it would chasing all of ‘his’ fish away!



But it didn’t, because just was we were about to pull the line in for the night and head home, there was a huge tug of the line, leaving the night lights bobbing like a float in the water! And in he pulled a Mulloway. A beautiful, silvery Mulloway.

Now, I’m not much into how beautiful fish are and I’m certainly not a Rx Hunt who seems to like to kiss them. And, being a ‘desert’ girl, I don’t like touching them much either. But this fish was impressive – 800cm long – even to me.

So, guess what we’re having for tea tonight? That’s right, fish and chips! Not so good for my ‘new me’, however, I’ve lost 2.2kg this week, so I guess one little slip up won’t hurt me!

Tell me, what did you see on your weekend that made you glad to be alive?

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  1. Well let me think while our georgous daughter, hubby and love them to bit,s grandson,s are holidaying in S. A. We have being zoologist,s at the farm feeding the wild life, which unbeknown to our daughter we emptied her fridge to feed them, and a wwine or two for us, but we loved every minute.

  2. Earlier in the week I had travelled from Esperance WA to Sydney with my family. We came because of the Royal Australian Navy’s 100 the anniversary celebrations. My husband used to be in the Navy and we were in Sydney 25 years ago for the Navy’s 75th anniversary. This time we have our teenage children with us. Over the weekend we enjoyed many of Sydney’s wonderful attractions such as climbing the Harbour Bridge and seeing South Pacific at the Opera House.

    What really made my weekend was being on a cruise boat on Sydney Harbour for six hours during Saturday’s International Fleet Review. The Navy ships and aircraft were awesome, the tall ships majestic and the harbour was absolutely beautiful. We followed that by making our way to Circular Quay to watch the huge fireworks display. I was very impressed by the behaviour of the enormous crowds of people who waited with us for hours to see the fireworks . Everyone was very patient and well behaved, it was amazing to experience so much humanity in one place. Of course the fireworks were fabulous as well! What a day, one that will be amongst the most memorable of my life.

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