Beaumont Bin Beauties

This week I made two trips to the Beaumont Bin (which is one of the outlying silos that grain is delivered to once harvest starts) to have the moisture in our grain tested. Tarren is one of three beauties working there, testing the moisture, checking the specifications and giving the truckies a bit of lip when needed!

The moisture of the grain needs to be right for storage and the rest of the tests tell us what grade the grain is, therefore what we will be paid. After all the rain, the quality of seed is surprisingly good, which is fantastic for both the growers and the buyers!

The big silver enclosure you can see behind the ute is usually close to being full by now, but the rain has held harvest up and now even though there has been some sunny days, the moisture in a lot of grain is still too high to harvest, so here’s hoping for a few 35 degree days and a good, long crack at harvesting!

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