Beautiful Light


It’s hard to describe the beauty that the country holds in the early morning. This morning’s sunrise on the fog was just amazing. It was still, cool and quiet.

The only noise I could hear, other than a few bird calls, were the cattle munching away on the grass – that’s sort of like a tearing grass sound – and they were about 100 metres away from me!

My friend, Gill, rang at 6:30am and gushed: ‘Have you seen the sunrise?’ Us country people, no matter how long we’ve lived here, are still in awe of what it produces each day.

On the Condy Community Fair note, we had a brilliant day! There were people and exhibitors everywhere.

The Staines tractor pull was a highlight since the P&C Girls were only just pipped at the post by the Playgroup Dad’s, who obviously had far too much muscle than was appropriate!

And thanks to friend Tiff, who beautifully conned me into the pull! Not sure if it was my naivety or your con-woman ability that got me Tiff!

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  1. What a wonderful picture – and there was I happily snuggled up in bed after a 5 am feed with the twins praying that no one would wake up till the sun was well up!! funny what is important at different times in your life!
    Love your website, it’s taken me a long time to get on to it and it’s fantastic.
    Well done, see you at playgroup tomorrow.
    Marie x

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