Beautiful mornings and good news

I was out about early this morning, helping Anthony fill the combine and getting ready for a day of replenishing the stocks in the pantry! It was very nippy and heavy dew left my fingers wet and cold, not willing to bend.

I had to shift some ewes and lambs as soon as it was light and while I was gently herding them towards the gate, the dew droplets glistened like diamonds covering the ground. You could see the tracks that the sheep have made during the mustering process as they’ve knocked off all the droplets.

When I got home, I found quite a few emails and Facebook comments saying: “congratulations!”, but I had no idea what everyone was on about! After a bit of research, I found out that Red Dust had been shortlisted for the Romantic Elements category of the Romance Writers of Australia’s Romantic Book of the Year! I had known this some weeks ago, but hadn’t been allowed to let on, and hence had forgotten about it!

Congratulations need to go to all the finalists, especially Bronwyn Parry, who is a fellow Australia Outback Romance and Mysteries author. Bron is a finalist in the same category as I am, for her blockbuster ‘Dark Country‘ , along with Katherine Scholes for the amazing and riveting ‘The Hunters Wife”  and Tracey O’Hara’s ‘Night’s Cold Kiss‘. I haven’t read any of Tracey’s books, but I know she has won numerous awards and has had rave reviews.

I understand that the R*BY awards are judged by readers, so I’m thrilled to think that some of you have taken the time to send your thoughts to the RWA – without you, none of this would have happened. After all, the readers are the ones that count!

I’m still in shock that I’m a finalist with such huge authors. Having read Bron and Katherine’s books and been captivated by them, I’m quite amazed that Red Dust is alongside their books.

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  1. Even the description of your daily morning duties is so beautifully written, I can only imagine how fantastic your book must be. It’s on my list to read now, looking forward to it. And big congratulations on being shortlisted, absolutely brilliant. Fingers crossed you’ll take the gong!

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