Beautiful rain


Got to say that there was immense pleasure as I drove in the driveway on Wednesday morning and saw all these puddles. It’s been very hand-to-mouth with the rainfall this season.

My morning text to hubby was greeted with an immediate return phone call. ‘We’ve had an inch of rain!’ The joy and relief in his voice wasn’t hard to mistake! And mine was pretty obvious too.


We’ve nearly finished seeding – another few days should see it through. This paddock has had canola sown in it and the little seedling are just beginning to pop their heads through the soil.


The cattle were pretty pleased it had rained too – they were out chasing the green pick (although you’d think eight year old cows would know that it takes more than twenty four hours for the grass to grow and so not to waste their energy chasing the green which is just beginning to show!)


I’ve got to say that Thursday morning was just as impressive as Wednesday. There had been misty showers all night and everything had raindrops glistening on them.


The ferals were out and about too – our home farm has the most beautiful driveway – my mother-in-law planted all these sugar and Tuart Gum trees two days before my husband was born. No mean fete, I can tell you because the driveway is nearly two kilometres long!

I decided that it looked so gorgeous and glistening that I had to take a photo to show you all. As I clicked, the fox ran into the frame! And if you look just beyond the fox, you’ll see a kangaroo sitting there too.

overwhelmed5The grey skies are still threatening to send rain, and that’s brilliant. Send it down. It’s not something we’ll knock back!


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