Behind the scenes of Indigo Storm

The road to Blinman

The road to Blinman


My new book Indigo Storm was inspired by a road trip I took my partner, Garry and the kids, in July 2015.

Before we left, I had an idea of what story I wanted to tell, but it had been a long time since I’d spent any long periods of time at my childhood home and explored the surrounding areas.

I also wanted to mix the setting up a bit, so I started the story in Jindabyne, NSW, at the base of the mountains. It’s the prettiest little town and we loved the few days we spent there.

Often behind the most beautiful and peaceful settings, there can be turmoil, and that’s where Indigo Storm opens; in this pretty, bustling town, but with the main character, Ashleigh, feeling frightened and anxious .

Domestic violence is something that we hear about every day, and I believe there can’t be enough said and awareness raised on this subject and this is what Ashleigh is facing. As a side note, there is many types of domestic violence. You don’t have to have bruises. You don’t have to be hit. Verbal, emotional and mental are all domestic violence in different forms.

When she leaves her husband, she runs to an even smaller town, called Blinman. Nestled in the Flinders Ranges, Blinman has 18 residents, a general store, pub, a few houses, tennis courts, golf course and disused copper mine, which now hosts tours.

So why did I set my story here?

The General Store in Blinmna

The General Store in Blinman


Well, I’m not really sure, but it jumped out at me as a fantastic place to hide from someone. It’s remote, not too many people know about it and there’s limited mobile and internet range.

This is where Eliza lives – in the units behind the general store.

The frosts are bitter

The frosts are bitter


I wrote a scene about a frost, and how all the pipes froze. This happens! It does!

Coming out of Blinman

Coming out of Blinman


On the right hand side of this windmill is a set of old, disused sheep yards. I set a scene here… Eliza was visiting a friend and Jacob was teaching her about crutching. Just check out the view – how could I not do something here?

Actually when Mum, Dad, the kids, Garry and I were cruising around just after we left here, we saw three black and white goats, feeding in a creek bed!

Galahs - one of my favourite birds!

Galahs – one of my favourite birds!

Galahs are everywhere! Not that I mind – their screeching always makes me feel like I’m home, but of course, these cheeky characters had to rate a mention. Which they did… A few times!

The Wilson Cemetery

The Wilson Cemetery


This is the Wilson Cemetery. It’s long forgotten, but I loved walking around here, reading about families and the stories of the people who were buried here.

Again, I set a scene here, and the kids, which Eliza is governess for, find it frightening and wild. I found it like that too – the wind whistles around the broken headstones and wire and makes a really eerie moaning noise.

A lone headstone

A lone headstone

I’m really fascinated with the inscription on this stone – if any one can decipher it for me, I’d be really appreciative!

The Kanyaka Ruins

The Kanyaka Ruins

And then we ended up at the Kanyaka ruins. This place is incredible. You can read more about it here and here. I’m sure once you have a read, you’ll understand why some of the history had to be used in Indigo Storm.

Hopefully this will help you visualise some of the place Ashleigh/Eliza will hang out during Indigo Storm. If you’d like more info or to preorder please click here: Indigo Storm

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  1. Fleur
    Thanks for the great read of Indigo Storm which I purchased from you last Saturday at Wagin Woolarama. I really enjoyed the book, along with all your other books which I have read. We have been through the Flinders ranges, but will have to return to check out the localities mentioned in your book.
    Once again many thanks, looking forward to the next book
    Shirley Mincherton
    (farming out in Chapman Valley out of Geraldton)

  2. Congratulations Fleur. I really enjoyed reading Indigo Storm although it did give me shivers at times as I have been in similar situations in my previous life, but that’s all behind me now and life’s good xx

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