Big boots to fill

Our front door is always cluttered with boots.  If it’s summer, it’s usually just of the rossi kind – normal slip on work boots, but if it’s winter they’re of the muddy, rubber variety.

This door way is the bane of my life – it’s forever covered with mud, sand, grain, hay or anything that can fall off the socks. I’m always kicking stray shoes out of the way, as I try and get in the door and it’s where Rocket pinches a boot from and races around the house, like a mad thing, wanting someone to play with him!

It’s also how I keep tabs on everyone. If the boss’ boots are there, he’s home, if Rochelle’s boots are gone, it’s fair to say she’s up a tree somewhere outside and if the spot where Hayden’s rubber boots sit, is empty,  (he wears them, even in the middle of summer – he’s petrified of snakes!) then he’s probably gone to do his jobs at the feedlot.

Sometimes though, like this morning, I look at all our shoes and smile. Especially when I look at the contrasts between kids’ boots and Anthony’s. His are so big and very much like their owner – wise, mature and have travelled many miles. The kids, well theirs are little and show how much growing up there is still to do.

If either of them want to become farmers, they have big boots to fill!

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