Blogging opportunity for authors!

Blogging opportunity for authors!

This is a great opportunity for some publicity for authors – Jaime from ‘Life in the first draft’ is looking for writers to blog on her site.

Check it out and get those fingers a-tappin’!

Calling All Authors

I have a fun promotional opportunity for the new year. I’m working on a new blog called “Life in the First Draft” that focuses on – yep, you guessed it – anything and everything to do with the first draft. Be it making time to write, those funky little writer habits you have or just the fun things you have on your desk, I’m looking to create a comfortable hub for any and all aspiring writers. (And for established writers as well! We have to go back and face that first draft again and again…)

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty. What I’m looking for:

*One (to three) guest post/s in the range of 250 – 500 words – with a title, please
*Any pictures that correspond to your post (for example, if you decide to write a ‘my desk/my writing space’ guest post – take a picture of it!) .jpgs please
*A brief biography with a link to your website and/or blog
*A picture of you or your book cover

Easy peasy.

If you’d like to participate but are feeling a bit stuck for a topic(s)…

*Introduce us to your writing space (with pictures, hehe)
*How do you make yourself write when you don’t want to?
*Do you have a daily word count goal or do you go by some other measurement?
*How do you balance your ‘regular’ life with your writing life?
*Finding inspiration
*Anything on character, plot, setting, research, etc
*What has been going on in your mind before you sit down to write the first words of that first draft?
*Are you a ‘planner’ or a ‘pantser’ (outline or no outline)?
*Finally typing ‘The End’ on your first draft…

Please send all guest posts to jmfictionscribe (at) gmail (dot) com.

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