Blue Skies

Here is the final packaging for Blue Skies! I just love it – and I love the blurb on the back.

So, meet Amanda and journey with her two best friends, Hannah and Jonno and her distant father, Brian. Feel the passion she holds for Kyleena, the sun on her skin, the dirt between her fingers and the heartache and loss she experiences.

I hope when Blue Skies finally hits the shelves that you’ll pop back and let me know what you thought of it.

For regulars to my site, thanks for coming along on this journey called Blue Skies – I hope your anticipation for this book is well worth it!

Must be time to start on Purple Roads now!

Blurb for Blue Skies

In the tradition of her bestselling novel, Red Dust, Blue Skies tells the inspirational story of a young woman battling to save the family farm no matter what it takes.

Amanda Greenfield dreams of employing all the skills she’s learnt at college to help her father turn their farm, Kyleena, from a debt-ridden, run-down basket case into a thriving enterprise.

Then tragedy strikes and, wearied by the long struggle to keep Kyleena a going concern, Amanda’s father decides to sell up so they can get on with their lives away from the vagaries of drought and fluctuation stock prices and crop yields.

Desolate at the idea of losing the farm that’s been in her family for generations, Amanda summons all her strength, grit and determination to save Kyleena. And things are just starting to look up for her in both life and love when Amanda comes face to face with obstacles from an unexpected and mysterious source…

With its wonderful heroine and spot-on evocation of life on the land, Blue Skies is an utterly compelling read.

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  1. thats the only bad thing about this site is that it teases you…and you have to wait for yet another exciting book!!! Congratulations!!.. PS please say early April??

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