Blue Skies and New Additions


I’ve been really busy since I received the Blue Skies edit last week. Ali has done a really intensive edit that then needs me to read through and either say yes to the changes, or no. The changes can range from something as tiny as a suggestion to change a word, to wiping out whole scenes. Thankfully there’s not many of the latter!

When I got my first edit back for Red Dust, it was like learning a whole new language. I guess the symbols that are used are similar to shorthand, but they were still symbols I had to learn on top of trying to decipher Ali’s suggestions.

This time, it’s much easier.

But as well as the edit, Nyssa and I have been slowly up-dating the web site! There’s a new ‘contact Fleur’ button, which will send me an email – it might take me a week or so to answer you, but I will do it! There are five photos down the bottom of the page that, if you click on one of them, will take you through to my Flickr site. There’s the link to my Facebook page and also, under the Bibliography link, are some of my old notes for Red Dust.

Under the writing link there’s a couple of commissioned articles that I’ve written about how I got into writing and also a blurb about Friday Pitch Day, which is run, for unpublished authors, by Louise Thurtell from A&U’s Arena imprint. This is where I got my start and it’s such a wonderful idea from A&U – they promise a response on your submission within a week.

So, Nyssa and I hope you like the new-look website, with all the new little things that are on here – please leave us a message to let us know your thoughts and if you’d like to see anything else up here.

But now, it’s back to Blue Skies…

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  1. Just finished Blue Skies -thoroughly enjoyed – great read – didn’t want it to end. I will be looking out for your next book. Many thanks Anne

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