Blue Skies for Harvest!


Well, after a week of rumbling and grumbling, lightening and torrential rain, in a few spots, we’re off harvesting again today.

We’re down in our far back paddock and this is the view from the chaser bin. I took this one of the hottest days we had this week (about 40 degrees) but you wouldn’t know by looking at it!

I love the golden stalks that crunch under my feet when I walk through it, but the cut off stems play mary-hell with your legs! I’ve got little round cuts all over them from where the stems stick into them as I’ve been walking through the crop!

On the Blue Skies front, I’m looking forward to getting the first pages back this week. Even though it will still be printed on A4 paper, it will be set out like a book and for some reason, that just makes it easier to read and therefore, edit.

I’ve got the cover for Blues Skies and will be putting it up shortly, along with a small piece, written by Anne-Marie, who took one of the photos used on it. She’s going to be telling you about the time she took it and so forth. But before the cover goes up, I’m just waiting for a few little bits and pieces to be perfected.

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