Blue Skies Launch and Book Signings!

I have an opportunity to offer you guys a pre-release copy of Blue Skies! Our local bookshop, Le Grand bookshop, has secured 200 copies before Blue Skies is due out. Now these are for a couple of events.

First one is that the Blue Skies Launch will be held at the Condingup Community Fair on the 20th of March. I’ll be having a chat in hall with the MC of the day and then signing books. So we’d love to see out at Condy. The fair is a family orientated day and the main aim of it is to raise money for our local school, so it’s geared towards children and familles.

The second reason is that people outside of Esperance don’t miss out! If you ring Joy at Le Grand bookshop, give her your credit card details and who you would like either Red Dust or Blue Skies made out to, I’ll head in once a week (mostly on a Friday) sign them and take them to the post office! This offer is open for all year, so if you miss out on the first lot of copies there will be more opportunities to grab a signed copy!

Also, I’m giving away of copy of Blue Skies , every week leading up to April. I’ll be all over the place offering giveaways, but the first one will be on here. Good luck and I hope you’re as excited about the release of Blue Skies as I am!

I’m also guest blogging at Inkyblots about how I juggle my life! I’d love it if you could pop over and say hi and leave a comment!

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  1. Hi Dianne

    Thanks so much for your kind words! Next one is started, but no where near finished! Sorry, you’ll have to wait for a little while! I did try to reply to your email, but mine is playing up, so I’m sorry that you didn’t get one back from me.


  2. Loved both of the books I cant wait until the next one. It was great to read Esperance in this book as we live in Esperance. Keep up the great work. Raylee

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