Blue Skies Launch

What a day! It was awesome! The Condy Fair really was brilliant this year – not that it hasn’t been other years, but there were so many people, so many things to do and just a fantastic atmosphere to the day.

A sharp thunderstorm the night before had our hearts in our mouths, but even though the day dawned with a very heavy fog, the coolness was welcome!

My friends Gill and Tiff (along with many others), worked so hard in the lamb tent with Vince Garreffa. I heard so many wonderful reports about the food that they produced and the way Vince worked. I wish I could have got down there, but I was kept rather busy at the Le Grand Bookshops stall!

So we launched Blue Skies into the wild ‘blue’ yonder! Jim and Joy Tucker from the bookshop were busy taking peoples orders for Blue Skies, if I wasn’t there and when I was I was busy signing them! It’s such a buzz to see that people enjoy your work – I still think that I might get found out one day; that I’m a fraud, when it comes to writing and no one really enjoys my books!

A pre-release Blue Skies is still available from Le Grand Bookshop and if you would like a personalised copy, call them on (08)9071 7829 and we’ll organise it for you!

The other piece of exciting news I have is that I have a two book contract after Blue Skies! (Still can’t believe it!) So, Purple Roads is on the go now and the forth one, well I guess I have a little bit of time to think about it!

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  1. Hi Fleur,
    Well, here I am, drooling all over the copies of your second book that were so nicely placed on the desk. Did you get to sell them all? I hope you did.
    I liked Red Dust, and I hope that this time around it will be less of an ordeal to get one copy of your new book.
    Tell the guys over at Allen & Unwin to sell via Amazon, otherwise readers in Europe will get left out…again. Can’t have that now, can we??!

  2. Congratulations on a successful day Fleur AND on the two book contract! Keep up that great writing and I look forward to building up my personal library with your books 🙂


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