Blue Skies … nearly there


Blue Skies is nearly complete. I have the editing to go and I’m positive that I’ll make the September 1 deadline – which is fantastic for me and Allen and Unwin, as they’ve already got the freelance editor, Ali Lavau, booked to start work on the manuscript, basically as soon as it arrives.

I’ve really enjoyed writing Blue Skies – it’s taken a fair amount of research, which, as resident of the Esperance Shire and farmer, has been a wonderful learning time for me.

I now know so much more about the history of Esperance, it’s land and pioneers. That knowledge I can pass on to my children, which hopefully will ensure that the history isn’t lost as generations pass.

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  1. Hi Fleur, you may or may not remember, but i wrote you a message on facebook telling you how much i loved your book! i thought id send my appreciation on how much i loved it on here too! ive already got one friend to read it and she read it in two days!

    Cant wait to read ur next book!


  2. Hi Nat, yes, of course I remember – I love your profile pic – you and your friend sticking out your tongues! Thanks for your comments on Red Dust and for visiting here!
    Blue Skies was sent back from the first round of editing today, so we’re one step closer!

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