This is what you get, when you’re shifting sheep, yabbering on the phone and not concentrating!

Sent to bring some sheep into the yards, I used the time to call a friend – when I’m busy writing, I don’t always stay in contact with my mates as much as I should.

I was quite happily moving the sheep and catching up on all her news, when suddenly I realised I had driven into muddy patch… and I’d sunk!

I decided then, it was time to finish my conversation and after some swearing, cursing and lots of branches, little mallee roots and rocks stuffed under the wheel for traction, plus the four wheel drive oomph, I managed to get out!

I was really pleased about this, because Anthony wasn’t on the farm and I had to pick the kids up off the school bus in half an hour – and I wouldn’t have been able to, if I had had to walk back to the shed for the tractor!

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  1. My dad got us bogged a few weeks ago when we were rock picking. He was just in the process of telling me and my brother how to properly cross the drain as he did it, when the wheels started to sink. Then he tried going backwards and we got even more bogged. We put half of the rocks that we had collected, under the tyres but we still couldn’t get out. We ended up needing to get Mum out in the car to pull us out. Good times on the farm!

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