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Since inheriting Nambina, the property that's been in her family for generations, Laura Murphy has worked wonders. Rather than just focus on farming she has set up a successful school teaching women the basics of managing a property. This inspirational novel celebrates strength in the face of adversity as well as the enriching power of love. Read More When marketing executive Tessa Mathison leaves London to attend her great-aunt's funeral in Australia, her life is in turmoil.
An indiscretion during a boozy night out has resulted in Tessa's name being mud in London's cliquey marketing scene, and soon after she arrives in her homeland she discovers she's been sacked. Read More
Some dreams are worth fighting for; when Anna and Matt finally buy their dream farm, their struggles aren’t quite over. First it’s patchy rain and poor crops, then Matt has an accident … and even when the heavens finally open all might yet be lost. An exciting new novel full of romance and mystery from the author of the bestselling Red Dust and Blue Skies. Read More
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From the bestselling author of Red Dust comes the inspirational story of a young woman battling to save the family farm no matter what it takes. Read More After the tragic death of her husband in a light-plane accident, Gemma Sinclair is left with the daunting task of managing the vast outback station he’s bequeathed her. But she remains haunted by Adam’s dying words, not to mention persistent whispers that Adam’s death was not an accident. Read More After finishing university, Amelia Bennett returns to her home town. Determined to lose her old reputation for being scatty, she works hard to prove herself as the treasurer of the local rodeo committee. Then she becomes victim of a terrifying smash and grab and suddenly finds herself the object of suspicion ... Read More
When Ashleigh decides to flee her bully of a husband, Dominic, she knows he’ll hunt her down. The only way to escape is to disappear and reinvent herself. Changing her name to Eliza and driving by night, she is drawn to the tiny rural town of Blinman. There she begins the long road to healing and regaining her self-confidence ... Read More  While mystery surrounds the accidental shooting of her husband, Fiona Forrest struggles to preserve the family farm in a suspenseful, pacy and action packed novel. Fiona is devastated when her husband Charlie commits suicide after the accidental shooting of his mate Eddie and although Fiona make the decision the to keep farming their successful property, rumours that she intends to sell keep circulating. Read more